Direct Mail Postcards

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There are many advantages to using direct mail postcards as a marketing tool, but the main benefit is the ability to select a target audience. Graphic Design FX can customize your target list anywhere in the country with demographic options including income, home value, age, apartments, business types, and professions. Selecting the perfect audience for your business is vital to gaining new customers.

Why Use Direct Mailed Campaigns?

  • Maximizes brand visibility
  • Target specific demographics
  • Focus resources that yield results
  • Maintain constant contact with your customer base

Custom Solutions

Graphic Design FX wants to ensure every postcard package is the exact specifications you envisioned. That’s why we custom build every direct mail postcard campaign to make certain your business is getting the marketing it needs.

Our options include:
  • Developing a message for your direct mail postcards
  • Bulk orders- minimum quantities of 1,000
  • 4 X 6 or 6 X 11
  • Plastic die-cut shapes
  • Nationwide mail lists- optimized to assure the best US postal rate available

5 Easy Steps

  1. Pick your size
  2. Choose your quantity
  3. Make a mailing list
  4. Mail products
  5. Get results! 

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