Logo Design

What’s in a Logo?

Logos are often the first step in developing the foundation of a brand for your business. While logos do not (and aren’t meant to!) tell your brand’s entire story, an effective logo will serve as a recognizable identifier for your business’s brand.

Let’s Talk … Logos

The perfect logo for your business will come from the creative collaboration between our designers and … YOURSELF! Yes, you are a VIP in the logo design process. We hope you don’t mind, but we will need to take a few minutes to visit with you and learn all about your vision. Anyone can create a cookie cutter logo that might get you through the first few years of your business, but we want to get it perfect the first time around. All of our logos are custom designed and created from scratch! When we meet, we will get into the nuts and bolts
of the design process. In the meantime, here are a few things to think about:

  • What message do you want your logo to convey? It might be helpful to jot down your
    mission statement (or create one if you haven’t already) before we begin.
  • What personality do you want your brand to have?
  • Check out your competition. How is your message different than theirs?

Working with a Professional Designer  Logo-Design-1

Many of us have friends or family members with a creative eye who are eager to help! While it can be tempting to let them create your logo, unless they are a professional graphic designer with logo design experience, you will want to forego their offer. As professionals, we have access to programs and software to provide you the files you will need for all of your marketing and printing efforts from business cards to billboards and beyond! We will provide you with high-resolution vector files that can be resized without losing quality. It is very important that you have the right kind of files for your marketing material if you are looking to have professional marketing pieces, otherwise you will find yourself running into all kinds of speed bumps along the way!

How Much Do Logos Cost?

We have several logo packages for you to choose from – based on the number of logo variations
you would like to work with and how complex of a design you are looking for.Logo-Design-2

Who Owns the Logo Design? 

Once the design is complete, we want to know if we got it right! Take some time to review the
logo and make sure it is perfect. When you are completely satisfied with the design and payment
is received, the logo design is yours to use to continue to brand your business. We will supply you
with the digital files you need for your website design, business cards, flyers, and moreLogo-Design-3.

Let’s Get Started! 

When can we meet? We know life can be hectic, especially when you are starting a new business
or working hard to build a solid brand for the one you already have. But as mentioned above, you
are a VIP in this process. Only YOU can clearly communicate your vision and we can’t wait to hear it!
Give us a call or send us an email and let’s chat! View our Portfolio to see some of the amazing logos
that we have had the pleasure of designing so far!