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Stand out from other medical professionals and facilities with Graphic Design FX’s Medical Branding Solutions. On its own, word of mouth is no longer a viable marketing method to rely on. The face of medical marketing is changing and only those that choose to take the adequate steps to improve patient experience will be able to keep up. The demand for a better patient experience – both digitally and in person – continues to grow.

At Graphic Design FX, we will help you devise a branded solution that will help you stand out from others in the healthcare industry. We will begin with a one-on-one consultation to get to know your practice and specialties inside and out so that we can gain a better understand of who you are and what you do. We will then provide you with the medical branding toolkit that you need to begin to mold your brand into a medical solution that patients will trust. No matter your specialty, constant marketing is essential to the success of your medical practice. You have to continue to set yourself apart from others in the healthcare industry with the best patient experience possible. Once your marketing stops – so does your practice!

What’s in the Toolkit?

What does a medical branding toolkit look like?

Graphic Design

Dynamic graphics are a must for any medical branding solution! Whether your practice is best represented by a unique image with varying colors or an elegant design with modern elements, we will make it happen.

Printing Services

Graphic Design FX is familiar with the branded materials you will need to effectively market your medical facility. Using only the highest quality paper and other materials, we produce printed products for your brand that are sure to impress!


As a provider in the medical industry, your reputation starts before a patient ever meets you. Their introduction begins with an online search of providers in their area. Quickly ruling out those providers without a website at all, prospective patients will carefully choose their new doctor from those that have a professional and inviting website. Make sure you are hitting the mark with a brand new website design with compelling and strategically optimized content.

Direct Mail

Stay in front of potential patients with direct mail postcards and products. Take it a step further by advertising your specialties and services in Link Magazine, a local direct mail magazine that hits the mailboxes of all residents in The Woodlands, Magnolia, and Lake Conroe areas.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us today to set up your one-on-one consultation so we can create a customized medical branding solution for your agency.