Publication Printing

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Our publication printing program offers publishers the best values in cost, flexibility, and product mix to maximize your profits while assuring that your magazines are produced with the highest quality and delivered on schedule.

Our printing partner is one of the nation’s largest magazine printers with multiple state-of-the-art plants. Using high-speed heat web presses, we print 8, 12, 16, 32 and even 48-page signatures in one pass to produce any size and quantity magazine ordered with total quality and color control. Graphic designers work with our printer programs eliminating the necessity to upload files to an FTP site and providing publishers a real-time ability to review, make corrections and approve pages before printing.  Publishers and designers communicate directly with our customer service reps and pre-press personnel in the plants eliminating any middle delays.

Graphic Design FX has the flexibility to print any type of magazine on heat web, cold web and sheetfed presses with appropriate paper selections – self-cover or cover wraps with aqueous, UV or varnish coatings. Bindery selection includes glue, stitch, and perfect bound.

Publication Design

Designing your catalog or publication is where we really come into play. We stay on top of the latest trends to create designs and layouts that are truly unique.


We offer a guaranteed turnaround (print date to delivery to your local USPS SCF or other location) in 10 days or less anywhere in the country!


Scheduled print dates are every week – 52 times a year!  You can develop schedules to match your markets – whether you’re printing monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or have other special event requirements.


We believe our costs for printing and related services are competitive – if not less – than any comparable program in the country!  Plus, we offer a full range of products that enhance your magazine business, which allows larger potential profits.  Without exception, publishers who have joined our group, are making more money and have more control over their own business than they ever did before.

Mail List & Maps

Our mail list program is the finest available, period. We tailor your list to your target audience, demographics, streets and zip codes, allowing you to place your materials in the hands of exactly who you want to reach.  Contact us to learn what sets us apart!